DIY Magnets Make Back-to-School Easy!


With Printable Magnet Sheets from Dowling Magnets, teachers can create their very own, customized magnets! From sets of magnetic student photos and nameplates, to math manipulatives, letters, labels, and more; teachers can make exactly the teaching materials they need…whenever they need them! Plus, Dowling makes it even easier, with free templates for emoji magnets, labels, […]

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Slip a Surprise into Your Back-to-School Line Up!


Back-to-school season is nearly here, and soon business will be booming! While you may have placed your large orders for the season already, we’ve got a classroom safety and management tool that you’re definitely going to want to sneak into your product mix…The Eagle Eyes® Magnetic Mirror! This easy-mount, wide-angle, magnetic mirror makes so much […]

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Chunky Magnets for Super Safe Science!

731205 Chunky--giant horseshoe, bar magnets 2

Amaze your kiddos – at home or at school – with the magic of magnetism! Our super-safe Chunky Magnet Set is perfect for introducing one of the most awe-inspiring principles of science to even the youngest kids. Featuring over-sized versions of the three most common magnet formats, the horseshoe, bar, and wand, this set has […]

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Catch a Ride on the New Magic Bullet Train

Dowling’s answer to the fine craft of model-building – and teaching science at the same time! Adding to our wildly popular Simply Science® line, Dowling Magnets is pleased to introduce a brand new item that is sure to spark creativity and intrigue – the Magic Bullet Train. The Magic Bullet train is a science kit […]

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Rain/Snow Day Magnet Games

Last week we found ourselves under a veil of snow – and although chilly – it provided the perfect back drop for a Snow Day Game! My fellow game players and I built rainbows (by trying to select the largest numbers) – and under the guise of “play,” we were learning math! Snow Day Magnet Game of […]

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