10 Cool Ways to Use Magnetic Name Plates in Your Classroom!


Sure, Magnetic Name Plates are great for creating seating charts and labeling desks, lockers, and cubbies, but that’s not nearly all! From fun first-day activities and instant art galleries, to bathroom passes and quick DIY literacy manipulatives, Magnetic Name Plates have a nearly endless number of uses! They are the ultimate classroom organization tool! With […]

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What is a Magnetic Field?

What is a magnetic field? How can we measure it and see its forces?

“A magnetic field is the area around a magnet, magnetic object, or an electric charge in which magnetic force is exerted.” Huh? Let’s put it this way. The invisible area around a magnetic object that can pull another magnetic object toward it or push another magnetic object away from it is called a magnetic field. […]

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Hero Magnets to the Rescue!

Super Strong!  Super Safe!

Magnets designed specifically for children’s environments – super safe and super strong! Kids are just naturally drawn to magnets (see what we did there?). But you have to be extra careful when little ones are around – you just never know what those mini-monsters are going to put in their mouths! We know you’re extra […]

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