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Foam Fun Magnet Letters

Red vowels and blue consonants help children learn to build words successfully. Super-sized sets are great for use in groups or in a teacher-directed activity.

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Draw Little Learners in with Preschool Magnets!

Reinforce kindergarten readiness skills such as letters, numbers, sorting, and vocabulary – with magnets!

Playful, developmentally-beneficial, and safe for kids ages 3+, magnets are a wonderful way to introduce skills through sensory play. Engage kids with magnetic letters, magnetic numbers, magnet boards, and early science sets. Magnetic play sets are fun too. Make a silly magnet face and talk about self and emotions. Construct a magnetic building, encouraging creativity and imagination.

As young children grasp magnets, they’re also developing fine motor skills. Plus magnetic manipulatives stay in place, which means less frustration and mess; more confidence and success!