Appreciating the Teachers Who Inspire Invention

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It’s no surprise that Teacher Appreciation Week falls smack in the middle of National Inventors Month! After all, teachers are our first cheerleaders, inspiring us to get creative, try new things, and realize that failing is part of learning—all critical aspects of innovation and the invention process. So, to our former teachers, our kids’ current […]

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Earth Month: Modeling Sustainability Mindset in the Classroom


Part of our job as teachers is to empower our students to become conscientious global citizens. Lessons, activities, and projects highlighting environmental issues are solid ways to build the critical-thinking and problem-solving skills and empathy kids will need to tackle these problems as adults. Modeling sustainability in the classroom is another way to teach your […]

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Women’s History Month: Women in STEM Magnetism

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Throughout history, women have made significant contributions in fields ranging from economics and civil engineering to yes, you guessed it, science! For example, Ada Lovelace wrote what’s considered the first computer code. Chemist Katharin Blodgett is credited with creating the world’s first clear glass. And on a hot, sunny day, thank Nancy Johnson for inventing the […]

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A Surprising (and Simple) Way to Support Standardized Test Takers

Limited space and logistical issues mean many students are taking standardized tests in their own classrooms. Your state or testing agency will provide a list of what’s not permitted in the classroom, but some tools and templates ARE allowed, including some that remind students about the strategies, rules, and templates they can employ to think through various test questions. Adding […]

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New Year, Clean Classroom!

clean classroom

A new year is the perfect time for a fresh, clean start – at home and in the classroom! Teachers and homeschoolers can start the year off right with these five magnetic organizational tools designed to reduce clutter and waste and keep everything in its place. Say goodbye to dingy, dirty, peeling hall passes you can […]

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5 Holiday Gifts Teachers Actually Want

Teacher holiday gifts

Your child’s teacher is one of their biggest cheerleaders, working hard everyday to help them learn, grow, and achieve their fullest potential, their way. You can thank the tireless teachers in your life this holiday season with gifts that make their job easier and way more fun, like these five favorite teacher gifts from Dowling […]

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7 Amazing Stocking Stuffers and Hands-On Holiday Gifts

Dowling gift ideas

The holidays are here and Dowling Magnets is here to help make this year’s gift giving a bit more magical – with magnets! Yup, we’ve got the magnets and magnet kits that kids can’t get enough of. This year, build those brains with: Stocking Stuffers/Mini Gifts Preschoolers can explore the magic of magnets with the wave […]

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Let’s Make Some Magic


  Hocus pocus, abracadabra, and alakazam – the last week of October is National Magic Week, and October 31 is National Magic Day! Many kids (and lots of adults, too) are fascinated by magic tricks. From pulling a rabbit out of a hat or a coin from behind an ear to making a feather float […]

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Shake Up Your Homeschool Routine – With Magnets!

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Whether your homeschool schedule lasted through the summer and you’re ready for a refresh or you’re just getting back into the September swing of things, the educational experts at Dowling Magnets are here to help! We’re sharing 12 of our favorite hands-on educational homeschooling products, each designed to engage your students, boost curiosity, and build […]

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Teacher Tools That Get Kids EXCITED!

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Sad to say, but, at least for most students and teachers, summer is over. If they haven’t gone back already, families are prepping for the first day of school and teachers are busy preparing lesson plans, organizing classrooms, and sorting out supplies. That’s where we come in! The educational experts at Dowling Magnets have pulled […]

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