Earth Month: Modeling Sustainability Mindset in the Classroom


Part of our job as teachers is to empower our students to become conscientious global citizens. Lessons, activities, and projects highlighting environmental issues are solid ways to build the critical-thinking and problem-solving skills and empathy kids will need to tackle these problems as adults. Modeling sustainability in the classroom is another way to teach your […]

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Put a Stopper In Summer Brain Drain

Summer’s here! Time for Slushie brain freezes, cannonball contests, picnics in the park, and, unfortunately, summer slide. According to recent research, students in grades 1-8 can lose up to 34% of their school year gains over the summer and, on average, kids lose about a month’s worth of learning, forcing teachers to backtrack at the […]

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The Years Fly By…

calendar years

If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of teachers who purchased our best-selling Giant Magnetic Calendar Set in years gone by, we’ve got great news for you. We’re offering a free, downloadable update to extend the life of your calendar set! Simply click here to view print this set of six colorful graphics for […]

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Don’t Miss This Year’s Top Five Science Fair Products!

Crazy scientist

Science Fair season is around the corner! This year, support your student with a project that stands out from the crowd, like one of our best-selling magnetic Science Fair Kits: Magnet Levitation Kit What judge can resist a levitating train? This STEMtastic set from Science Discovery Kits features five introductory magnetism experiments and five magnetic […]

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All Shook Up!

filings displayed in oil

Put on your creative hat to explore this mini magnet shaker! Observe what happens when oil interacts with magnets and iron filings! But first, a quick safety warning! The Iron Filings 3-Pack is safety tested for ages 6+, but adult supervision is required. Do not inhale or consume iron filings. Keep iron filings away from […]

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Dowling Magnets Product Catalog

catalog cover 2022

Click below to view our current catalog in digital flipbook format!   Click on the full-screen icon ✖️ below the cover image for the best viewing experience.

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Find Iron in Your Food

cereal method 2

Did you know? Magnets can help us find one of the most common elements on Earth in your breakfast cereal: iron.  Our bodies don’t produce iron, but it’s important for us to have enough iron, so it is sometimes added as a supplement to foods including cereal, pasta, and bread. For this magnet experiment, you’ll need: […]

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Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

iron filings and magnet snow globe

Snow globes are amazing—you turn it upside down, and beautiful snow falls to the ground. Can you recreate this effect using iron filings? Let’s find out! But first, a quick safety warning! The Iron Filings 3-Pack is safety tested for ages 6+, but adult supervision is required. Do not inhale or consume iron filings. Keep […]

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Magnets, Math, and Measurement… Oh MY!

iron filings on scale

Density (the mass of a substance per unit of volume) is an important physical property of matter in the fields of engineering, chemistry, and math. If you measure both the mass and the volume of a given amount of iron filings, you can calculate the density (D) of iron filings by dividing mass (m) by […]

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