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Magic Penny 25th Anniversary Edition

Bring the magic of magnets to life with this 25th-anniversary edition of our top-selling Magic Penny Kit!

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Learning from Home

With schools closed in support of social distancing, our children are at home every day, but that doesn’t mean the learning has to stop!


Crazy Kinetic, Magnetic Interactions!

What happens when the magnetic forces of multiple moving magnets bounce off one another? Explore Wave Wires to find out!


More Relatable Base Ten Demo Blocks!

This modern take on magnetic base ten blocks lets you demonstrate place value concepts using a familiar format—colorful craft sticks!


Magnetic Manipulatives for Reading & Writing

From alphabet learning to word building and spelling, magnets bring Language Arts to life!

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Magnetic Toys, Cool Science Experiments, Craft Magnets and More!

Dowling Magnets presents the marvels of magnetism, both at home and in the classroom. From magnetic letters and number magnets to improve elementary skills, to advanced magnetic science experiments, you’ll find it all right here! We also have magnets for crafts and classroom organization. Browse our products or head to our blog for fascinating magnet facts:

Snap a Pic of Your Child’s Science Fair Project, Win a $500 Scholarship!


Just in time for Science Fair season, Dowling Magnets will award a $500 scholarship to one lucky student who snaps and shares a pic of their Magic Penny Magnet Kit Science Fair entry! Including everything kids need to complete 46 astounding acts of magnetism, the Magic Penny Magnet Kit is the perfect Science Fair project. […]
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