Top 15 Product Picks for At-Home Learning

(aka, yes Virginia, you CAN learn at home!)

With schools closed in support of social distancing, our children are at home every day, but that doesn’t mean the learning has to stop!

The parents, teachers, and science gurus at Dowling Magnets have compiled a list of our top 15 product picks for at-home learning. These products don’t require adult participation (we know many parents are trying to work from home too!) and can be perfectly paired with our free online experiments, activity sheets, and magnet facts.

To give you parents and teacher extra support right now, we’ll also be providing more free online activity ideas here on our blog in the weeks to come. These are difficult times, but by working together, we’ll get through it!

  1. Foam Fun™ Lettersfoam fun magnet lettersLiteracy begins at home! With these sets of 112 chunky foam uppercase and lowercase letters and the included activity booklets, kids can practice letter names and sounds, learn the differences between consonants (blue) and vowels (red), and build simple words (or their own names)…right on the fridge! Ages 3+/Grades PreK+
  1. fun with letters magnet activity setFun with Letters Magnet Activity Set  If your refrigerator isn’t magnetic—no problem! This color-coded set of 144 flexible magnet letter tiles (blue consonants and red vowels) includes its own double-sided magnetic board, plus uppercase letters, lowercase letters, blank tile, and an activity booklet. Children can match uppercase and lowercase letters, identify letters by name, and practice phonics (letter-sound correspondence), and word building. Ages 3+/Grades PreK+
  1. Sentence Building Magnetssentence building magnetsYour kitchen becomes the classroom with this huge set that includes 270 magnetic word tiles plus 16 punctuation marks, 6 blank tiles, and an activity booklet. Make silly sentences on the fridge, practice sentence construction, identify parts of speech (they’re color coded!), and work on punctuation. Ages 5+/Grades K+
  1. magnet countersFoam Fun™ Magnet Counters – Lay the foundation for math success with simple sorting, patterning, and counting activities using this set of 120 chunky, soft foam counters in six colors and 4 shapes (activity booklet included)! Ages 3+/Grades PreK+
  1. Magnetic Numeralsmagnetic numeralsMake your own math problems with this set of 100 simple magnetic tiles featuring red numerals and math operation signs! You make the problems, then park your kiddo in front of the fridge or magnetic lap board (not included) to solve them. Ages 3+/Grades PreK+
  1. magnet Pattern BlocksFoam Fun™ Magnet Pattern Blocks  Kids can create all kinds of cool pictures, patterns, and designs on the fridge with this set of 200 magnetic foam blocks (hexagons, squares, triangles, trapezoids, and parallelograms) with activity booklet. SHH—don’t tell them they’re learning math and art principles and developing better fine-motor skills as they manipulate the blocks! Ages 3+/Grades PreK+
  1. Foam Fun™ Tangramsmagnetic tangrams – Children can assemble 56 magnetic foam pieces to complete hands-on tangrams which are ancient Chinese puzzles! With enough pieces to build 8 different tangrams in 4 colors (and an activity booklet), kids will have more than enough pieces to explore, compare, and compose various geometric shapes…or to build their own imaginative creation on the fridge! Ages 3+/Grades PreK+
  1. magnetic world mapsAnimal Magnetism® Magnetic Wildlife Map Puzzles – Take a learning safari without leaving the house with magnetic puzzles highlighting geography and animal facts from North & South America, Eurasia & Africa, and Asia & Australia. Each puzzle features 100+ animals and includes a large animal fact sheet for extended learning. Ages 3+/Grades PreK+
  1. Printable Magnet Sheetsprintable magnet sheets Create customized learning tools perfect for your child’s specific needs with this set of four DIY magnet sheets! Choose a free online template (letters, numbers, emojis, mini labels, and more)…or make your own design for the perfect magnetic craft project! Then, just print using your inkjet printer and cut with scissors. Ages 3+/Grades PreK+
  1. junior architect wonderboard magnet setWonderboard® Architect Magnet Set  Design your own structures while exploring art, spatial geometry, and engineering principles with this set of 150 magnetic architectural elements, magnetic dry-erase board, and instruction booklet. Ages 3+/Grades PreK+
  1. Very First Magnet Kit very first magnet kit– Keep curious kids engaged at home with this all-in-one magnet kit including all of the chunky, plastic-encased magnets and accessories (plus an activity booklet) kids need to investigate magnetism for the first time. Ages 3+/Grades PreK+
  1. Magnetic Base Tenbase ten – Kids understand what they can see. Help them visualize place value, mathematic equations, fractions, decimals, percentages, and more with this set of 62 flats (each represents the quantity 100), rods (each represents the quantity 10), and units (each represents the quantity 1). Ages Grades 1+
  1. Super Science Magnet Kit super science kit– Add some hands-on science to your children’s elearning routines. Kids can make a compass, observe force field patterns, compare the strength of various magnets, and more with this complete magnetic experiment kit with activity booklet. Ages 8+/Grades 3+
  1. magic pennyMagic Penny® Magnet Kit – The perfect project for keeping kids busy (and learning creatively!) at home for days, this best-selling kit enables children to perform 44 astounding feats of magnetism while exploring magnetic forces, motion, stability, and principles of geometry and art. Ages 8+/Grades 3+
  1. Kinetic Magnetics® Wave Wires® Magnet Setwave wiresCreate a mini magnetic learning lab at home! Kids place a bundle of magnet wires on the flat steel base, activate the wires, and watch as they oscillate in unique ways, demonstrating cool electromagnetic and kinetic energy! Includes an activity booklet. Ages 8+/Grades 3+


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