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Make Magnet Magic!

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25th Anniversary Edition!

Bring the magic of magnets to life with this 25th anniversary edition of our top-selling Magic Penny Kit! The perfect gift for tweens, teens, and adults, the Kit includes 46 astounding magnetic activities for hours of unplugged engagement. Follow step-by-step instructions and helpful images to build gravity defying sculptures, move coins up ramps and over bridges (without touching them!), make amazing magnetic masterpieces, and so much more!

Ages 8+/Grades 3+


  • 2 Super strong magnets
  • 35 custom coins of varying diameter
  • 84-page activity book packed with magnet facts and scientific explanations

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Price $29.99

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"My teen put down her phone and spent hours mastering these activities! The activities started simply and building in difficulty, building her confidence, and allowing her to complete some really complex structures - she was so proud to show us!"

Perform Astounding Feats of Magnetism!

  • Create a magnetic bridge!
  • Build gravity-defying sculptures!
  • Make a levitating pyramid!
  • Magically move pennies up ramps, over bridges, and along tightropes!

Click on the images above to view activities

Support STEM Learning!

The Magic Penny Kit provides hands-on experience with key STEM and STEAM concepts including magnetic forces, motion, stability, shapes, planes, symmetry, art, and design. Content and activities are aligned with STEM, Common Core State Standards, and Next Generation Standards.

Perfect for:

  • Tween and teen birthday and holiday gift
  • Adult fidget toy
  • Science fair projects
  • Classroom centers
  • And more!