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For Our Dealers

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Why should I sell Dowling Magnets?

Dowling Magnets has been in the magnetic products market for nearly 80 years. We’re the only magnet manufacturing expert in the American education market, and our products are at the forefront of educational standards. We lead the industry in safety compliance, and we continue to produce innovations in magnetics every year. And maybe more importantly, we’re good people. Dowling is a family owned company with a long history of quality products and ethical business practices, and we’re committed not just to doing good business, but also to doing good.

How do I become a Dowling dealer?

Give us a call at 800-MAGNET-1 (800-624-6381) or 630-359-9500 or email us at and we can advise you.

We do offer customized products and services for some large national accounts, and most of our orders are processed by our distributor Educators Resource, who can provide you with all current Dowling Magnets products (at our standard NET prices) plus a wide range of picking, packing, and drop shipping services. If applicable, we can advise you on Dowling’s ordering terms and conditions or refer you to our partner Educators Resource for more information.

Do you drop ship?

Dowling Magnets does not provide drop ship services, but our distributor partner Educators Resource (800-868-2368) does.

How can I get your catalog?

Contact us at to request a hard copy, or download a PDF version here. (Warning: it’s 9MB. Lots of product!)

Do you provide special magnet components for kits or bids, or custom or private label products?

Yes, we are the largest supplier of magnets for publishers and educational products companies in the U.S. We leverage the expertise of our magnet engineers on staff to advise on, build, source, and/or quote custom or specialized magnets for toys, games, educational kits/products, and more. We make permanent magnets, flexible sheets, assemblies, and private label packaging.

What tradeshows will Dowling attend this year?

Look for us at ECRM Educational Supplies.

Many of my customers have concerns about the safety of magnets and magnetic products. What can I tell them?

Dowling is committed to the safety of our products. Our retail products are carefully tested to ensure safe, fun play. All of our children’s products comply with industry safety regulations, and are regularly inspected to check that our suppliers and our manufacturing process meet Dowling’s high level of quality standards. Packaging designs are reviewed to clearly indicate appropriate warnings and ages.

You can download product safety certificates for each of our tested products at