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Dowling’s Educational Magnet Products Are Fun... And They Are Safe!

Yes. Our magnetic toys, teaching kits and games are carefully tested to ensure safe, fun play. All of our children’s magnetic toys comply with industry safety regulations, and are regularly inspected to check that our suppliers and our manufacturing process meet Dowling’s high level of quality standards. Packaging designs are reviewed to clearly indicate appropriate warnings and ages.

You can download Product Safety Data Sheets for each of our tested products at

In addition to magnet toys and games, Dowling also makes products for educational, industrial, residential and other environments. Not all of these products are intended for children.

If you have a question about one of our products, please contact us at 800-MAGNET-1 (800-624-6381).

Magnet Usage Tip:

It is best to keep strong magnets away from computers, cell phones, credit cards, pacemakers and other electronic devices to avoid damage or malfunction.