Make Science Magnetic!

We've got the early learning magnetism sets, project kits, and specific magnetic tools you need to make science come alive!

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Hands-On Math Magnets

Magnetic math manipulatives provide hands-on experience with key concepts, from basic skills to time, money, multiplication, fractions, and more!

Magnetic Math!

Organize & Decorate with Magnets!

A place for everything and everything in its place! Get organized and add some style to your space with magnetic classroom tools and decor!

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Magnetic Manipulatives for Reading & Writing

From alphabet learning to word building and spelling, magnets bring Language Arts to life!

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Learning is More Fun with Magnets

For more than 60 years, Dowling Magnets has introduced the wonders of magnets to children of all ages, both in the home and the classroom. From basic lessons on reading, math and geography for preschoolers to more advanced science experiments and projects, Dowling offers innovative products that are easy to use and so much fun, kids will return to them again and again.