Earth Month: Modeling Sustainability Mindset in the Classroom

Part of our job as teachers is to empower our students to become conscientious global citizens. Lessons, activities, and projects highlighting environmental issues are solid ways to build the critical-thinking and problem-solving skills and empathy kids will need to tackle these problems as adults.

Modeling sustainability in the classroom is another way to teach your students to reduce, reuse, and recycle. This Earth Month, make a commitment to reducing your own classroom waste with cost-efficient, reusable, magnetic teaching materials such as the bestsellers below:

Magnetic Dry-Erase Boards

Cut down on paper waste and make lessons way more fun, with markers and magnets (sold separately)!

Untitled design (22)Sturdy, reusable, Magnetic Dry-Erase Boards are perfect for everything from practicing letters, spelling, and sentence construction to showing math work and even art projects.

When students are done, simply wipe the boards clean and set them aside for next time. Plus, they’re double-sided!

Choose from slim and durable sets with blank/blank or ruled/blank sides. MSRP $21.99 (5 double-sided blank boards); $24.99 (5 double-sided ruled/blank boards).

Untitled design (24)                                                            Untitled design (34)


Adhesive Magnet Tape in DispenserUntitled design (33)

Skip the cellophane and masking tape–go for Magnet Tape instead!

Easily hang papers, artwork, and photographs with this lightweight Magnet Tape in a handy dispenser including a built-in, serrated cutter.

Simply adhere a piece of magnetic tape to your students’ work (or to any paper or photo) and attach to your magnetic-receptive whiteboard, fridge, filing cabinet, or steel door frame.

You can also reposition the paper/photo as you wish. No need to reapply, as you’d have to do with cellophane or masking tape!

Untitled design (37)And guess what? Our Magnet Tape has the unique ability to also stick to itself.

That means you can turn even non-magnetic surfaces into displays (think cupboard doors, desk fronts, plastic bins, smooth walls, and wooden doors)!

First, place a second piece of Magnet Tape on the non-magnetic surface.

Then, hold the paper/photo (to which you already applied a piece of Magnet Tape) up to the piece of Magnet Tape previously applied to the non-magnetic surface. Your paper/photo will stick!

Adhesive on one side and magnetic on the other, tape measures .75” wide and 25’ long. MSRP $8.50. 

                    Untitled design (32)

Magnetic Arts & Crafts Bundle

Bundle and save with our Magnetic Arts & Crafts Bundle including 1 roll of Adhesive Magnet Tape, 100 individual Adhesive Magnet Dots, 1 roll of Adhesive Magnet Strip, and 14 unfinished ceramic magnets for heavier projects. MSRP $24.99.


Large Magnetic Sentence Strips Untitled design (25)

Students can practice writing, spelling, sentence building, grammar, punctuation, and more at their desks, without paper waste. Pass out Large Magnetic Sentence Strips and have students put them on the classroomUntitled design (26) whiteboard when complete.

Wipe the strips clean and begin again.

MSRP $19.99 (set of 10 strips measuring 24” L x3” H each).


Magnetic Name Plates

Untitled design (29)Save yourself time – while you save the Earth – with reusable Magnetic Name Plates!

Use this set of 20 dry-erase, name plate magnets to plan your seating chart, organize work groups, and assign classroom helpers.

You can even use these magnets to personalize desks, lockers, shelves, and bins.

And…don’t forget to use them to create a magnetic word wall!

MSRP $19.99 (a total of 20 reusable name plates in 4 different designs).


Magnetic Hall Passes Untitled design (36)

By now, your hall passes are probably in shreds, if you can even find them! Swap your scroungy passes with oversized, colorful, Magnetic Hall Passes.

Chunky foam core makes these passes impossible to forget in the bathroom, office, or library. Plus, double-sided magnets make them easy to store – and find! – on your whiteboard, filing cabinet, or door frame.

MSRP $14.99 (set of 3 long-lasting passes including Hall Pass, Office Pass, and Bathroom Pass).


This Earth Month, be the change you want to see in the world – and model being a good citizen of the Earth – by reducing your classroom waste and using reusable, magnetic teaching tools instead! Visit for additional, environmentally friendly classroom décor items and learning tools today.

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