Double Duty Classroom Products

clean classroom

Teachers, let’s face it. Classroom clutter can get out of hand!  We know your goal is to create a colorful and stimulating learning environment. But between the materials you need for instruction, what you need on hand for your students, and your classroom décor, things can sometimes get crazy—and fast! But it doesn’t have to […]

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Top Ten Items Teachers Can’t Live Without

hall passes on door frame

Functional, affordable, must-haves for this year’s classroom! Fellow teachers, it’s time… Time to open up the ol’ classroom, re-cover our boards and replace our borders, put up posters, sort stacks of books, set up chairs and tables in the latest configuration for maximum cooperation… the list goes on and on. In other words, it’s time […]

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10 Cool Ways to Use Magnetic Name Plates in Your Classroom!


Sure, Magnetic Name Plates are great for creating seating charts and labeling desks, lockers, and cubbies, but that’s not nearly all! From fun first-day activities and instant art galleries, to bathroom passes and quick DIY literacy manipulatives, Magnetic Name Plates have a nearly endless number of uses! They are the ultimate classroom organization tool! With […]

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