The Giant Horseshoe Magnet: Another Way to Play

Dowling Magnets Giant Horseshoe Magnet

All by itself, the Giant Horseshoe Magnet can bring hours of educational fun to children as young as 3-years old. {Don’t be surprised if your kids carry it around the house looking for items that will attract to their new toy!}

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Magnet Tube Full of Mystery and Wonder!

Children are naturally curious. At a young age, their brains are constantly absorbing new information and asking questions about things they don’t understand. That is one reason why the Mysterious Magnet Tube is such a popular toy among elementary school age students.

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Have you ever heard the Magnet Song?

One of the continual joys of the discovery (thanks to Google alerts!) are the untold number of fabulous teaching opportunities that can be found in the far reaching corners of the Internet. Imagine our delight when we received a “magnet” alert from Google and discovered another extraordinary super-mom sharing the world-wide wonder of magnets for first graders (and their […]

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