The Giant Horseshoe Magnet: Another Way to Play

Dowling Magnets Giant Horseshoe MagnetAll by itself, the Giant Horseshoe Magnet can bring hours of educational fun to children as young as 3-years old.

{Don’t be surprised if your kids carry it around the house looking for items that will attract to their new toy!} When you purchase Dowling Magnets’ Giant Horseshoe Magnet Kit, many magnetically attractive items are included to provide hours of exploration! Giant Horseshoe Magnet Kit

Our Giant Horseshoe Magnet Kit includes the same powerful 8-inch magnet, with one foot north and one foot south. Also included: 50 magnetic counting chips, 3 ring magnets, 5 magnet marbles, 2 button magnets, 1 pencil, paper clips, and an activity booklet.

Hurry, buy this popular kit while supplies last – ON SALE NOW for $16.99!!

With this kit, children will have no shortage of ways to figure out how magnets work. They can test the smaller magnets versus the horseshoe magnet on which is stronger, or place the ring magnets over the pencil, see how they react with each other, and then pull them up with the horseshoe – the activities are literally endless!

{Note to parents: with smaller parts, you’ll want to closely supervise play for very young children.}

To purchase the Giant Horseshoe individually, click here. 

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