Magnet Tube Full of Mystery and Wonder!

girl with magnifying glassChildren are naturally curious.

At a young age, their brains are constantly absorbing new information and asking questions about things they don’t understand. That is one reason why the Mysterious Magnet Tube is such a popular toy among elementary school age students.

Our Mysterious Magnet Tube comes with an Alnico cow magnet that can be used to move the iron filings inside the tube in fascinating ways. If your children are anything like ours, they’ll have questions about how that happens, and why? The enclosed booklet provides information that will help answer their curious questions.


SS30_Mysterious Magnet TubeHowever, at some point they might ask, “Why do they call it a cow magnet?” If they do, here’s what you can tell them.

Cow magnets got their name from farmers who would “feed them” to cows at branding time. Once swallowed, the magnet will stay inside the cow’s first stomach (they have four!!) and will attract any metallic objects that the cow might swallow while grazing in the fields. Items like barbed wire and nails (that may be laying around after the farmer or rancher works to repair fences, or pastures. If these foreign objects were to travel through to the other stomachs, and beyond in the cow’s system, it might cause sickness, or effect the cow’s ability to produce milk.

Don’t be surprised if your kids want to bring their Mysterious Magnet Tube to the zoo or on a trip to the country, so they can hold it next to a cow and see what happens next!

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