Bring Your Animal-Themed Units to Life…with These Center Ideas!

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Little learners love animals…and who doesn’t? Get kids excited about learning – and incorporate literacy, math, science, and more – with these fun center/small-group activity ideas: Start by introducing the unit to your whole class of course. Show them a region on a globe and discuss that environment and habitat. Tap into prior knowledge by […]

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Tips & Tricks for Learning Centers

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Love the idea of learning centers but hate the way yours turn out? If your centers are more mayhem than model, you’re not alone. Setting up – and maintaining – centers that work is no easy feat. But, when done correctly, learning centers can be highly engaging and effective, so let’s give it a go […]

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Blackboards or Whiteboards? That is the Question.


If you grew up in the 1960s, ‘70s or ‘80s, chances are all of your classrooms were equipped with blackboards. But many of today’s schools have opted for whiteboards, just like those that are commonly used in company conference rooms. What’s behind this trend? Talk to anyone who accidentally inhaled chalk dust. The chalk used […]

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