Celebrating 25 Years of Magnet Magic!

According to science, magnets aren’t technically magical, but you can sure do some pretty amazing things with them! In fact, artists and scientists around the world have created awe-inspiring works of art using magnets and magnetic coins. And you can, too!

MPenny3DBoxAltVIewCelebrating 25 years as a best-selling activity kit, the Magic Penny 25th Anniversary Edition comes with everything you need to perform 46 astounding feats of magnetism. Balance coins on the rim of a teacup, move coins across magnetic bridges (without touching them!), build levitating coin pyramids, create amazing works of magnetic art, and more.

Builders simply follow the step-by-step instructions, starting with simple magnetic feats, then building in complexity to create astonishing magnetic structures. They’ll also be building critical STEM and STEAM skills, gaining hands-on experience with concepts like force, motion, stability, shapes, planes, symmetry, art, and design.

With 46 activities to complete, the Magic Penny Magnet Kit promises hours of unplugged engagement for tweens, teens, and fidgety adults alike. Plus it’s perfect for science fair projects, classroom learning centers, after school STEM programs, and more.

Give Magic Penny a go today and see what kind of magnet magic you can create! FYI, an Argentinian student currently holds the Tower of Paso record for most coins balanced with the Magic Penny—she balanced 494 coins on a single column of 10. Can you beat that?

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