Teach Magnetism and Kinetic Energy with Confidence!

wave wires video image 3Step into the classroom with science confidence…with the strong Wave Wires® teacher’s guide by your side! The new Kinetic Magnetics Wave Wires line (for grades 3–8), featuring unique wiggling magnet wires, lets you and your students investigate multiple magnets and their crazy, kinetic interactions with one another!

Filled with instructional support, the 40-page teacher’s guide in the Wave Wires Magnet Station and Magnet Station Pack was designed specifically to make it clear and easy to teach the concepts of force and motion, stability and change, magnetism, energy, structure and properties of matter, waves, cause and effect, patterns…and more.

Butwwguide don’t worry, Wave Wires has your back! The full-color, photo-illustrated guide walks you and your students through every step of product assembly and the experiments. The lessons provide clear student objectives, background knowledge (including key vocabulary words and their definitions) to catch you and your students up to speed on the content, step-by-step instructions for each experiment, and analyze and interpret questions (with answers!) when you’re done. In fact, we’ve made teaching magnetism so simple that your students can follow the visually-rich experiment directions in the guide without you, making Wave Wires perfect for small group work.

We’ve even taken the learning one step further. You can tie your magnetism lessons to cross-curricular topics with the included extension activities, called “Writing Connection” and “Integrate Math.” And, we’ve also provided scaled versions of each experiment to support differentiated learning. There are even downloadable masters, templates, and additional magnetism lessons available online for Wave Wires!

Waves Wires activities are aligned with NGSS as well as Common Core State Standards. A complete scope and sequence (a list of topics and skills covered) and standards correlations are provided for each Wave Wires product.

So you see, Wave Wires takes the guesswork out of teaching the relationship between magnetism and kinetic energy. Give Wave Wires a go today! Go head, give that Miss Frizzle a run for her money!

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