Catch a Ride on the New Magic Bullet Train

Dowling’s answer to the fine craft of model-building – and teaching science at the same time!

Magic Bullet Train

Magic Bullet Train

Adding to our wildly popular Simply Science® line, Dowling Magnets is pleased to introduce a brand new item that is sure to spark creativity and intrigue – the Magic Bullet Train.

The Magic Bullet train is a science kit that includes all the raw materials (already cut to size!) and complete instructions on how to build-your-own maglev (magnet levitation) train! Also included in the kit is an opening exercise with three ring magnets and wooden dowel to demonstrate the theory behind magnet levitation – like poles repel and opposites attract.

Model builders are asked to shape, paint and decorate their Magic Bullet Train, and then build the track (we’ve included the magnetic strips for the train and the track, and they are correctly magnetized to levitate.) This kit allows creativity (shaping, building, painting, designing) AND educational value – teaching the concept of magnet levitation!

To view the STEP-BY-STEP video, CLICK HERE

SS100 Built

Retail price of kit is $21.95 – and it’s available NOW.



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