Iron Filings: Three Different Particle Sizes for Three Times the Fun!

A long-time staple for scientific experiments, iron filings are very, very small pieces of iron (duh!). Because iron is a ferromagnetic material, it responds to magnets. And, because filings are so (very!) small, particles of iron filings are perfect for lining up to demonstrate various principles of magnetism, particularly magnetic fields.

Iron filings can be used to make invisible magnetic fields visible, enabling students to actually see the size, strength, shape, and direction of a given field. Pretty cool, right?


The Iron Filings Variety Pack makes experimenting with iron filings even cooler! Featuring three 12-ounce shaker jars filled with reusable fine, medium, and coarse filings, the variety pack enables students to compare and contrast the results of magnetism experiments using three different sizes of filings.

Each jar features a convenient, removable twist-top with four shake-or-pour options. Sprinkle the amount you need for your experiment, then pop the top off to return filings to the jar and use them again and again!

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