Iron Filings: Three Different Particle Sizes for Three Times the Fun!

731019 & MC08 in use 300dpi

A long-time staple for scientific experiments, iron filings are very, very small pieces of iron (duh!). Because iron is a ferromagnetic material, it responds to magnets. And, because filings are so (very!) small, particles of iron filings are perfect for lining up to demonstrate various principles of magnetism, particularly magnetic fields. Iron filings can be […]

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Exposing The Invisible With Iron Filings [and Magnetic Fields!]

We all know how magnets work, but it may be hard to explain the concept of magnetism to kids, who are fascinated at how coins, paper clips and other metal objects jump toward magnets – as if by magic! Parents and teachers can talk about magnetic poles and magnetic fields, but for elementary-school aged children, […]

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