Exposing The Invisible With Iron Filings [and Magnetic Fields!]

We all know how magnets work, but it may be hard to explain the concept of magnetism to kids, who are fascinated at how coins, paper clips and other metal objects jump toward magnets – as if by magic!

iron filings and magnetic fieldsParents and teachers can talk about magnetic poles and magnetic fields, but for elementary-school aged children, these ideas may be tough to grasp.

However, one way to illustrate how magnetism works is through the use of iron filings.

Dowling Magnets offers loose iron filings available by the jar or tube. Spread them out on a sheet of white paper and place a magnet underneath paper. Now, all of a sudden, the magnetic poles that were once invisible can be seen by the naked eye!

One thing we know about kids, is that they love to learn about new things; another thing we know is that sometimes these lessons can be messy. That’s why Dowling also provides iron filings within a sealed magnetic field viewer.

With this clear plastic tray, a child can manipulate magnetic fields and create designs by moving a magnet over the iron filings, and you won’t have to worry about any of them spilling all over the table or falling onto the floor.

Of course, if they do, clean-up should be a breeze – just get that magnet and float it over the filings, and you’ll collect them all in seconds. If only the vacuum worked that well!

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Magnetic Field Viewer

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