Appreciating the Teachers Who Inspire Invention

It’s no surprise that Teacher Appreciation Week falls smack in the middle of National Inventors Month! After all, teachers are our first cheerleaders, inspiring us to get creative, try new things, and realize that failing is part of learning—all critical aspects of innovation and the invention process.

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So, to our former teachers, our kids’ current teachers, and the teachers of the future, we say thank you for inspiring students across the country to invent the modern conveniences we take for granted today and the changemaking marvels of tomorrow.

And to encourage those engineers of the future, we recommend the following magnetic exploration and invention sets (also great gifts for your kids’ classrooms!):


Magic Penny® Magnet Kit, 25th Anniversary Edition

Future inventors follow step-by-step instructions and helpful images to build 46 gravity-defying structures, including ramps, bridges, and more.

Then, they can use the two super strong magnets and 35 custom coins to create their own magnetic innovations, putting the scientific principle of magnetic force, motion, and stability into play as they test their theories and designs.

Inspire hours of unplugged invention and innovation this summer with the 25th Anniversary Magic Penny® Magnet KitGrades 3+ (Ages 8+), MSRP $29.99


Classroom Attractions

With enough parts and pieces to support scientific investigations, discoveries, and inventions for up to 10 students per kit, this series includes class kits for 3 different grade bands. Kids can explore everything from motion and stability, matter and its interactions, magnetic force and fields, and more.

Kits include ceramic magnet wands, rings, and marbles, and buttons; Alnico bar and horseshoe magnets, latch and disc magnets, lodestones, compasses, iron filings, nails, dowels, and more for endless inventing possibilities.

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Level 1: Grades PreK–2 (Ages 4–7), MSRP $89.99

Level 2: Grades 1–3 (Ages 6–9), MSRP $84.99

Level 3: Grades 4–6 (Ages 9–12), MSRP $129.99


Kinetic Magnetics® Wave Wires

Perfect for exploring invisible magnetic forces and fields, inventing your own experiments, and testing your own magnetic theories, the Wave Wires Magnet Set allows students to investigate the kinetic interactions between magnets, force and motion, energy, waves, patterns, and beyond.

Great for solo inventing, small student groups, STEM and STEAM programs, and more, this set includes 4 magnet wires, 12 disc weights, base plate, activation ring, and activity booklet full of experiments. Grades 3–8 (Ages 8–14), MSRP $14.99

Level up to the Wave Wires Magnet Station and get a cool wooden oscillation station (that makes even more unique kinetic experiments possible!), plus the magnet wires and accessories; and a full 40-page teachers guide. Ideal for a small group or teacher demonstration. Grades 3–8 (Ages 8–14), MSRP $49.99.

Need to accommodate more groups? No problem! The Wave Wires Magnet Station Pack has got you covered for at least 4 small groups and can also be used for teacher demonstration. Grades 3–8 (Ages 8–14), MSRP $99.99


Science Discovery Kits

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Inventors-in-the-making can experiment with levitation, electricity, and electromagnetism with Science Discovery Kits!

Design a levitating train with the Magnet Levitation Kit, build an electric motor to power your invention (or the included LED) with the Electric Motor Generator Kit, and create electromagnetic powered inventions including chimes, buzzers, telegraphs, and more with the Electromagnet Science Kit. Next, kids can reuse the components from each kit to invent their own magnetic machines! Grades 5+ (Ages 10+), MSRP $39.99


Shop for the kits and components your child or students need to build the inventions of their dreams!

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