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Wave Wires Magnet Station Pack

ITEM # 731112

Cool oscillation station makes unique kinetic experiments possible! Features a full-color, 40-page teacher's guide with lesson plans and photo-illustrated experiments to investigate magnets and their kinetic interactions. Make iron filings dance, propel steel balls inside the viewing tray, create a magnet painting (STEAM), and dangle and oscillate magnet wires upside down! Great for demonstration or up to 4 small groups in classroom labs (grades 3 - 8), STEM programs, science fairs, maker spaces, and more. Includes 16 magnet wires, 48 disc weights, 5 base plates, 4 activation rings, 2 viewing trays, tube of iron filings, tube of steel balls, grid paper, measuring spoon, 4 activity booklets, and 40-page teacher's guide. Station measures approximately 10.19" W x 4.75" D x 11.81" H. Conduct NGSS-aligned experiments (for details visit that explore:
  • Force and Motion
  • Structure and Properties of Matter
  • Energy
  • Engineering Design
  • Waves
  • Cause and Effect
  • Patterns
  • Stability and Change...and more!