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Classroom Attractions Level 3

ITEM # 731303

This exciting magnet kit provides you with the materials you need to implement or supplement a study of magnets in your classroom. The easy-to-use educational guide is filled with suggestions for hands-on activities that will help you introduce your students to the wonderful world of magnets. As students experiment with the materials and see how magnets work, they will discover what objects magnets attract, learn key terms, and see the influence of magnetic fields.

Materials Included in Kit 3:
o 5 Alnico bar magnets
o 5 Alnico horseshoe magnets
o 15 latch magnets
o 10 disc magnets
o 10 ceramic block magnets
o 5 flexible magnet discs
o 5 lodestones
o 5 compasses
o 5 corks
o 5 sets of iron filings
o 5 pieces magnetic viewing film
o 5 nails
o 5 wooden dowels
o Demo Alnico bar magnet
o Teacher guide with activities