Magnet Therapy with the Magnet Mania Kit

Every so often we hear a great story about how someone is using one of our products.

One that we found particularly rewarding was featured in a review of our Magnet Mania Kit, posted on the website:

“I got this set to use in my speech/language therapy sessions. I award the magnetic counting chips for participation or correct responses. When the child reaches a certain number, they get to ‘suck them up’ with the magnet wand and play a game of their choice. Everything came as advertised in the kit and all the components work great!”

It is gratifying and encouraging to hear from a customer who is using the Magnet Mania Kit in a way that encourages learning in a therapy session. It’s also positive feedback to hear that students concentrate more so they can use their magnetic wand for fun and games.

Why not try this system with your children at home? Or, if you are a teacher, divide your class into teams and have a contest for students to answer questions based on that day’s lesson.

The Magnet Mania Kit comes with everything you’ll need: two magnet wands, ten magnet marbles, 50 counting chips and an activity booklet.

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