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Sad to say, but, at least for most students and teachers, summer is over. If they haven’t gone back already, families are prepping for the first day of school and teachers are busy preparing lesson plans, organizing classrooms, and sorting out supplies. That’s where we come in! The educational experts at Dowling Magnets have pulled together a list of our best-selling magnetic science sets, math demonstration sets, language arts lessons, and teacher supplies, each designed to make your job easier and your classroom cuter. Check them out today and make this year your very best year yet!

For Super Engaging Science Lessons:

Quickly and easily set up small group science activities with a Classroom Attractions set! Classroom Attractions AllWith specific sets for three grade groups, each including enough magnetic pieces for groups of 5-10 students and a teacher’s guide featuring six hands-on magnetic investigations, these sets are self-contained, comprehensive, classroom magnet labs! Choose Level 1 for grades Pre-K-2,  Level 2 for grades 1-3, or Level 3 for grades 4-6, and watch as your students explore attraction and repulsion, compare magnet strengths, explore magnetic poles and fields, and so much more. And yes, each set is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards.


fine medium coarse iron filingsOlder students can conduct super cool science experiments, including revealing invisible magnetic fields, with the Iron Filings Variety Pack! Simply select the fine, medium, or course mesh filings, shake onto a sheet of paper, then place a magnet, like our Red Ceramic Bar Magnet or Ceramic Horseshoe Magnet underneath and watch as the magnetic field reveals itself. Students can also use the filings to view a bar magnet’s poles, sculpt a magnetic masterpiece or make amazing magnetic patterns using multiple types of magnets. When they’re done, shake the reusable filings back into their jars for next time.

For Magnetic Math Fun:

number lineProvide a big, bold, helpful visual for students mastering counting to 120 with the Magnetic Demonstration Number Line! Big, bright, and easy to see from anywhere in the classroom, this bright yellow magnetic number line features numbers -10 to 120 and color coding for events and odds. And yes, it’s aligned with current Common Core State Standards!

732165 0 to 120 chart on board72Once your students have mastered counting, move on to simple mental math with the oversized, colorful Magnetic Demonstratoin 0-120 Chart! This colorful, magnetic charge features big, quadrant pieces (stop assembling all those strips!), numbers 0-120, colorful frames to draw attention to specific numbers and number patterns, number cover-up squares perfect for quizzing, and a special, T-shaped, more/less than piece to build mental math fluency.

732159 in handEasily demonstrate place value at the front of the class using one of two Magnetic Place Value Disks & Headings sets, then pass the magnetic place value disks to your students for hands-on practice on magnetic lap boards! Disks are color coded by place value – white for ones, red for tens, orange for hundreds, and yellow for thousands. Choose from the Grades 1-3 set or the Grades 3-6 set which includes color-coded ten thousands, hundred thousands, and millions disks in addition to ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands.

For Hands-on Language Arts Learning:

sentence buildingMake learning literacy way more fun – with magnets! The Sentence Building Magnets set includes 292 magnets to build the following skills: conventions (grammar, parts of speech, punctuation), phonics and word recognition (including sight words, high-frequency words, and spelling), writing, vocabulary, print concepts, fluency and more. Comes complete with activity guide!

Demonstrate sentence building, writing, grammar, and punctuation on your magnetic white board with this set of 10 blank Sentence Strips, each measuring a whopping 24”L x 3”H!

For a Cleaner, Clutter-Free Classroom:

Calendar FINAL Printing 10.21Streamline your morning meetings and daily calendar activities with the Giant Magnetic Calendar Set! This bright, clean, colorful calendar set includes a blank magnetic calendar grid and magnets for the years, seasons, months, days, dates, birthdays, and holidays, as well as magnetic weather words and weather and temperature symbols. Simply choose the appropriate magnets to mark the dates, season, and weather and to mark special occasions in the classroom.

hall pass thicknessSkip the flimsy, dirty, paper hall passes this year and go with Magnetic Hall Passes instead! Store them easily on your whiteboard, filing cabinet, or door frame and you’ll always know where they are. Plus, the chunky foam core design makes it harder to forget them in the bathroom, library, or office. Set includes a hall pass, bathroom pass, and office pass.

735207 Double Sided WriteEngage students in classroom centers and make desk work more exciting with magnetic dry erase boards! Choose from a set of 5 double-sided blank or lined boards to practice letters, numbers, writing, sentence construction, equations, and more or add magnetic manipulatives for extra attractive fun!

735501 components 72dpiStock your whiteboard with all of the magnetic classroom tools you need with our Magnetic Whiteboard Accessories Bundle! This fully loaded magnetic set includes 6 Big Push Pin Magnets, 6 Button Magnets, 5 Ceramic Magnetic Hooks, 3 Big Block Magnets, and 1 Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser – everything a teacher needs to post important announcements, display student work, hang ID lanyards or hall passes, erase the board, and more.

735502 components 72dpiCreate amazing classroom displays this year, using the magnets from the Magnetic Arts & Crafts Bundle. Attach magnetic tape, magnetic adhesive dots, or magnetic strips to whiteboard decorations, student art work, and other decorative items, or attach heavier work with the unfinished ceramic magnets.

Find even more engaging magnetic activities, at www.DowlingMagnets.com!

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