Shake Up Your Homeschool Routine – With Magnets!

Whether your homeschool schedule lasted through the summer and you’re ready for a refresh or you’re just getting back into the September swing of things, the educational experts at Dowling Magnets are here to help! We’re sharing 12 of our favorite hands-on educational homeschooling products, each designed to engage your students, boost curiosity, and build the skills they need to learn and grow. After all, no one can resist a magnet! Check out some of our top educational products for homeschoolers, including some of our best math, science, and language arts resources, below.

Bring Science to Life

SS10Science is even more magical when you’re levitating five colorful rings using the mysterious force of a magnet! Students can get hands on with the concepts of magnetic attraction and repulsion (and conduct amazing magic tricks!) using the Floating Magnet Rings set – just $7.99!

SS31 in useReveal the amazing, 3-D patterns created by magnetic fields with the Dowling Magnets Mystery Magnet Tube! Insert the cow magnet into the tube to create a visible, 3-D, magnetic field out of the polished steel filings inside. Lift and lower the magnet or shake the tube to create new patterns – no two are the same! $24.99

731009Kids love science experiments – especially ones they can conduct all by themselves! The Alnico Magnet Kit includes three unique magnets, iron filings, and steel shapes perfect for magnetic exploration and discovery. Use the iron filings to view an invisible magnetic field, see how many shapes each magnet can hold, compare and contrast each magnet’s strength, and more! $24.99

Make Math Way More Fun

732101Make math more engaging for tactile and visual learners with Foam Fun Magnet Numbers! Practice everything from number identification and order to addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with this set of 80 colorful foam magnets (numerals 0-9 plus operation signs) perfect for the fridge or a magnetic learning board. $19.99

countersDemonstrate mathematical concepts visually, with 200 Magnetic Two-Color Counters! These counters are red on one side, yellow on the other, just like the most popular math programs, making them perfect for teach counting and cardinality, base ten concepts, operations, and algebraic thinking on your whiteboard or on smaller student magnetic boards. $14.99

732159 in handTired of losing your place value disks? Magnetic Place Value Disks & Headings stick securely to your whiteboard and student lapboards, so you’ll always know where they are. Plus, they make it quick and easy to create and manipulate colorful place value charts like the ones in the popular Asian math programs. Available for grades 1-3 and 3-6. $19.99

Hands-On Language Learning

733104Support young students, remedial students, and students with special needs with a set of single-colored magnet letters. The Foam Fun Uppercase Black Magnet Letters Set includes 108 chunky, foam, uppercase letters in solid black for high contrast against your whiteboard or magnetic lapboard. Perfect for practicing letter names, alphabetical order, C-V-C words, and more. $24.99

733105When learners are ready to master lowercase letters, the Foam Fun Lowercase Black Magnet Letters Set offers 108 lowercase letters – 9 of each vowel and 3 of each consonant. Use this set in conjunction with the uppercase letters above to match upper- and lowercase letters, build words, and more. $24.99

733003_display_72Teach everything from letter names and alphabetic order to vowels and consonants, word building, and spelling with the Fun with Letters Magnet Activity Set! This color coded set includes 144 flexible magnet letter tiles including uppercase letters, lowercase letters, blank tiles, lapboard, and an activity guide. $19.99



Must-have Teacher Resources

735206Skip the paper waste and work on Magnetic Dry-Erase Boards instead! This set of five magnetic, write-and-wipe boards features one lined side perfect for handwriting practice, writing stories, sentence construction, and more; and one blank side great for working with magnetic math and language manipulatives. $24.99

735005 new package 72dpiOrganize and display assignments, crafts, and more with 1” x 10’ Adhesive Magnet Strips! Simply unroll the length you need, remove the paper backing, and stick anywhere to create a magnetic surface. $6.99


Best Behavior Bonus

Motivate and incentivize everything from sitting still, participating in class, and completing assignments to helping with set up or clean up with a session of Magic Penny! Kids can conduct 46 astounding magnetic activities including building gravity-defying sculptures, moving coins up ramps and over bridges without touching them, and making amazing magnetic masterpieces using super strong magnets and 35 custom coins. $29.99

Transform your lessons with some of these magnetic homeschool curriculum essentials and teaching resources for homeschooling parents and watch as the learning really “sticks”!

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