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Hocus pocus, abracadabra, and alakazam – the last week of October is National Magic Week, and October 31 is National Magic Day! Many kids (and lots of adults, too) are fascinated by magic tricks. From pulling a rabbit out of a hat or a coin from behind an ear to making a feather float or sawing someone in half, magic suspends reality, makes the impossible possible, and opens the door to a world of wonder.

And, as hobbies go, magic’s got a lot going for it. Performing magic tricks encourages creativity, as the magician attempts to convince their audience to see things from different perspectives. Magic tricks also build critical thinking skills, as the magician follows a logical set of steps to make the trick work. Attempting a magic trick requires quite a bit of practice, which builds perseverance, and tricks don’t always work, increasing resilience. Mastering a trick builds confidence and self-esteem. Perhaps most importantly, performing magic tricks is an amazing way to develop social skills. Magicians must be able to perform in front of an audience, presenting their tricks confidently in a fun and conversational way. Magic tricks also give shy kids a way to infiltrate a peer group and attract new friends.

If you’ve got a future Harry (or Harriet) Houdini in your house or have a child you think might be interested in giving magic a go, check out two of our best-selling magic sets and surprise your mini magician with something magical on National Magic Day!

Magic Penny Magnet Kit

Dowling_MP06Magicians ages 8+ can move pennies over ramps, bridges, and tightropes – without touching them!, build levitating pyramids and gravity defying structures, and more with this best-selling set! The kit includes step-by-step instructions and all the pieces you’ll need to complete 46 astounding feats of magnet magic. In addition to building creativity, confidence, perseverance, resilience, and social skills, Magic Penny is an engaging, hands-on way to introduce key STEM concepts, including magnetic force, motion and stability, energy, matter, and more. $29.99 SRP.

Mysterious Magnet Tube

SS31 in useDiscover the magic of magnetism and reveal invisible, 3-D magnetic fields with this magnetic magic set! Simply insert the cow magnet into the tube and watch in amazement as the polished steel filings trapped inside reveal a unique magnetic field. Lift and lower the magnet, move it side to side, or gently shake the tube to reveal more invisible fields – no two are ever the same! $21.99 SRP.

Surprise your mini magician with a new magic set for National Magic Week!

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