New Year, Clean Classroom!

A new year is the perfect time for a fresh, clean start – at home and in the classroom! Teachers and homeschoolers can start the year off right with these five magnetic organizational tools designed to reduce clutter and waste and keep everything in its place.

Less likely to get lost!

Less likely to get lost!

Say goodbye to dingy, dirty, peeling hall passes you can never find and say hello to this chunky, colorful, set of three Magnetic Hall Passes! Made of wipeable, sanitizable foam core, these passes stick easily to your whiteboard, door frame, or filing cabinet so you can always find them – and students can’t forget them. Includes a Hall Pass, Office Pass, and Bathroom Pass. SRP $14.99.

735025 Calendar Package Amazon 2023Keep morning meetings neat and tidy with a Giant Magnetic Calendar Set! With 94 magnetic pieces, including days, dates, months, years, seasons, holidays, and weather words and symbols, you can toss those torn paper calendar parts forever! Simply create the calendar frame on your whiteboard and swap out the magnets as needed. Best of all, at 17.5×16”, your whole class can see the calendar from their seats! SRP $34.99.

number lineMake this the year you stop wasting time drawing messy number lines on your board by switching to a Magnetic Demonstration Number Line instead! Featuring numbers -10 to 120 in easy-to-use, magnetic segments, this bright yellow number line features color-coded even and odd numbers, magnetic arrows, and a dry erase surface for easy clean up. SRP $24.99.

Dowling_733003_C 72 dpiMake letter learning stick this year with a set of 144 flexible magnet letter tiles including everything you need to teach letters and words! The Fun with Letters Magnet Activity Set includes uppercase, lowercase, and blank tiles, color coded so kids can easily recognize vowels and consonants. Magnetic pieces stick to your whiteboard for neat and tidy keeping. Perfect for practicing foundational literacy skills, kids can work on the whiteboard or individual magnetic lap boards, eliminating paper waste! SRP $19.99.

Double sided lined blank boardSkip the overflowing trashcans and stop wasting piles of paper this year – use Magnetic Dry Erase Boards instead! Students can practice everything from letters and numbers to handwriting, spelling, sentence construction, and more, with sets of five Magnetic Dry Erase Boards featuring one ruled side and one blank side. When they’re done, simply wipe them clean and begin again. SRP $24.99.

Keep your classroom neat and tidy in 2024 (and save your sanity in the process) with these awesome, magnetic organizational tools from Dowling Magnets!

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