7 Amazing Stocking Stuffers and Hands-On Holiday Gifts

Dowling gift ideasThe holidays are here and Dowling Magnets is here to help make this year’s gift giving a bit more magical – with magnets! Yup, we’ve got the magnets and magnet kits that kids can’t get enough of. This year, build those brains with:

Stocking Stuffers/Mini Gifts

Preschoolers can explore the magic of magnets with the wave of a magnet wand! Use the super-safe, super-strong, child-sized wands in the Magnet Mania Kit to pick up the included magnetic chips and marbles and complete the challenges in the included activity guide. And, with two wands included, there’s plenty of magnet magic to share. Ages 4+.

Simply Science Collage 2 copy306wArtsy kids can make beautiful 3-D patterns out of iron filings – with no mess to clean up afterward! Simply insert the cow magnet into the Mysterious Magnet Tube and watch in amazement as the polished steel filings trapped inside reveal a unique magnetic field. Lift and lower the magnet, move it side to side, or gently shake the tube to reveal more invisible fields – no two are ever the same! Ages 6+.

Magicians-in-the-making can wow their friends and families with a set of Floating Magnet Rings! Explore and interact with magnetic forces – arrange and rearrange the rings to investigate magnetic attraction and repulsion – and make the rings levitate! Ages 8+.

Hands-On Holiday Gifts

733100_BGive the gift of letter learning with the Foam Fun Magnet Letters Sets! Flexible foam magnets are sized for little fingers and perfect for learning letter names and sounds and practicing spelling and reading. Set includes 70 colorful magnets for endless phonics fun. Ages 3+.  (Little artists will love the Foam Fun Magnet Pattern Blocks Set, too!

STEAM Jr Architect pkg frontKids can get creative this holiday break, with the Wonderboard STEAM Architect Magnet Set! Use the magnetic architectural elements to reconstruction the buildings in the included booklet on the included magnetic dry-erase board – or build your own! Booklet includes engaging information on architectural history, periods, and designs as well as STEAM activity ideas, like designing your own board game, evaluating car prototypes, and more. Ages 7+.

731009Let the magnet fun begin with this combo set including our most popular magnets! Explore attraction and repulsion, compare magnet shape and strength, investigate magnet poles, reveal invisible magnetic fields, and more with the Alnico Magnet Kit, including 2 horseshoe magnets, 1 bar magnet with pole markings, a tube of iron filings, and a tube of iron shapes. Ages 8+.

Make some serious holiday magic with the Magic Penny Magnet Set! Move pennies over ramps, bridges, and tightropes – without touching them!, build levitating pyramids and gravity defying structures, and more. The kit includes step-by-step instructions and all the pieces you’ll need to complete 46 astounding feats of magnet magic. Ages 8+.

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