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Wonderboard STEAM Architect Magnet Set

ITEM # 736221

Wonderboard(R) STEAM Architect includes 150 flexible magnets (architectural elements), 1 double-sided magnetic dry-erase board (12 inches wide x 9 inches high) where all the design building takes place; and an activity booklet with background information on architectural history/periods, design ideas, and STEAM activities.

Child safety tested (per US toy safety regulations) for ages 7+.

Explore STEAM way beyond designing cool buildings! Included activity booklet features lots of background information on architectural history/periods and building designs, but also engaging STEAM activities such as designing board games, evaluating new car prototypes, creating a modern technology device, and more!

Provides hours of creative play to build children's imaginations, endless design possibilities, engaging STEAM learning, hands-on development of fine-motor skills, and opportunities for children to grow their perseverance! It incorporates science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM). Great for independent or small group learning, maker spaces, or fun at home or while traveling!