Attention Employees: 5 Helpful Magnets for Organizing Your Daily Workspace!

Busy is the name of the game at work, which sometimes results in a messy, unorganized office. Not to worry – Dowling Magnets is here to get you back on track! Take advantage of magnetic spaces such as file cabinet drawers, steel doors and cube frames, and even ceiling rails…to organize and decorate your workspace with these five office space magnets:

  1. push pin boardBig Push Pin Magnets – Clear your desk of stacks of paper, reports, and other important materials and hang them vertically, instead. You can even sort information or hang your work ID lanyard with these color-coded pins. Bonus: they are strong enough to work on magnetic glass boards!
  1. IMG_4340Magnetic Plates – Clearly label the drawers of your file or tool cabinets…or note your name or a fun daily message on the frame of your cube with these write-on/wipe-off magnetic plates!
  1. neo hookMagnetic Hooks – Never lose your keys or ID badge lanyard again! Place a hook on your steel cube or door frame to keep hard-to-find items at your fingertips. The neodymium version is even strong enough to hold your handbag, coat, broom, or other tools! Also, you can use magnetic hooks to hang decorative items, such as strings of lights, mobiles, birthday signs, or banners from your ceiling rails.
  1. IMG_4358Printable Magnet Sheets – Print your OWN, customized magnets using your everyday home or office (ink-jet) printer! Make signs for steel doors, announcements for whiteboards, labels for filing cabinets, and more.
  1. 735005 cube wall full textAdhesive Magnet Tape and Dots – Turn any sheet of paper, including often referenced info like your phone list or important clients’ business cards, into a magnetic sticky note for your steel cube frame or file cabinet! You can also display favorite family photos and other memorabilia safely and easily using Adhesive Magnet Tape and Dots. You can use our magnets on many non-magnetic surfaces too! Hint: our Strip is great for office cube walls!

What are you waiting for? Make the most of your vertical office space, and get your office organized today, with magnets!

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