Encourage positive student behavior with School Signs Magnet Set

all five school sign magnets

all five school sign magnets

Promote positive student behavior until the very last day of school!

Teachers, we hear ‘ya. Your students are getting rowdy – they’re ready to hit the road! – but you’ve got to keep them on the straight and narrow for just a little while longer. What’s a teacher to do? 

Introducing the School Signs Magnet Set! This inexpensive, teacher-designed set includes five, fun and flexible magnets designed to encourage positive school culture and good student behavior all year long. These respect-inspiring signs attach easily to magnetic whiteboards, filing cabinets, or metal doors in classrooms, hallways, and other common areas. Simply place them at eye-level for a constant, readable-from-afar, reminder about appropriate behavior.

The perfect PBIS tool (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports)–your principal or PTA may even cover the cost for you!

kids at work

Kids love recognition!


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