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Better tools for teaching place value!

Understanding place value is a critical foundational math skill, necessary for performing computation, building math fluency, developing critical thinking skills, and improving precision. When teaching key skills, it’s important that you choose the right tools…and select those tools in a variety of formats! So let’s talk about what’s different about Dowling Magnets’ magnetic place value products, starting with:

  • Magnetic Place Value Disks & Headings enable you to create and manipulate colorful place value charts right on your whiteboard…or right on student lap boards (not included)! Budgets are 732159 Mag Place Value Disks & Headings, Gr 1-3_webalways tight. There’s no reason to have to buy BOTH a demonstration and a student version of this teaching tool. Teachers asked Dowling Magnets to specifically make a version of place value disks that could serve both purposes, and Dowling delivered! Use the headings and disks to demonstrate place value concepts at the front of the room. Then pass out the disks (included) for students to practice with on their lap boards (sold separately).

Each of the two different sets (grades 1–3 and grades 3–6) includes 140 magnetic discs from a range of place values plus 4 magnetic headings. Already have non-magnetic place value disks? Awesome, because these magnetic versions are color-coded to match the most popular non-magnetic sets on the market! (You’ll want to be consistent with a color-coding system when students are just starting to learn place value with color-coded manipulatives.)

  • Magnetic Demonstration Place Value Sticks are a more relatable and visually interesting format for teaching place value than traditional base ten 732158_in_use_webblocks! These large, color-coded magnets (like giant craft sticks!) are perfect for visual demonstration. When you’re not using them to teach place value, try using them to teach tally marks too…and anything double duty means more bang for your buck! The set of 45 magnets includes 5 blue hundreds, 20 green tens, and 20 yellow ones, proportionally sized.
  • This is the only Ten Frame Magnet Set you need! Why is it better? First, it’s built to last. Many of those other magnetic ten frames on the market are just the thin, die-cut frames that you’d be afraid to have your students use for fear they’d rip…so you hold on to them for teacher use only. That’s silly—classroom materials shouldn’t be so flimsy that the actual students can’t use them! In fact, these ten frame magnets from Dowling Magnets are so sturdy that you can simply hand them to students to use almost like lap boards!

732170 on blueSecond, this Ten Frame Magnet Set includes TWO big demo frames (that means you can even make a demo-size double ten frame to teach up to 20!) plus four student frames—no need to buy both demonstration and student versions. That’s big added value.

Third, the included 60 magnetic two-color counters (plenty for multiple groups!) are red and yellow, so they match the color-coding system of the most popular math programs on the market. Plus, these counters are double-sided, so you will always have the right color you’re searching for at hand. Lastly, these double-sided counters were made by magnets experts to actually stick well on a whiteboard. (Not all magnetic double-sided counters do because it takes a specific kind of magnet technology to make them stick right.)

This all-in-one set includes 2 large teacher demonstration frames, 4 student frames, and 60 magnetic two-color counters. This set has one of the best prices considering everything you get—compare to the others out there!

  • 732165-mag-demo-0-to-120-chart_webThe Magnetic Demonstration 0 to 120 Chart saves time fussing with assembly of multiple strips to build a big chart. Have you ever tried to get the poles of several magnetic strips to line up properly? Dowling Magnets is ending that frustration! Their Magnetic Demonstration 0-120 Chart features four big, bright quadrants, so you can build a hundred chart very quickly and spend more time on teaching instead. (Then when you’re ready to teach up to 120, you easily can add the extra few magnet strips to your hundred board to do so.)

732165 T 72 dpiOne of the best parts of this set is the unique more/less than “T”-shaped piece that’s perfect for encouraging mental math. When using the “T” piece, ask students to very quickly tell you what numbers are 1 more, 1 less, 10 more, and 10 less than the number in the center. For a bigger challenge, ask the advanced students to tell you what numbers are hidden under the blank green squares!

All the colorful magnets really “pop” against the whiteboard. After all, if you put a WHITE chart on a whiteboard, it won’t be as easy to see. Measuring 24”W x 34”H once assembled, this bold green chart can be seen from across the room without a doubt!

This set includes all the chart pieces (including a zero piece), 20 highlighting frames (or use your whiteboard marker to circle numbers—the chart is dry-erase too!), 20 cover-up squares, and the unique “T”-shaped piece.

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