Our Balanced, Best-selling Multisensory Science Toys Amaze Kids!

Looking for more engaging science toys that kids keep going back to time and time again? Tap into kids’ senses…in a balanced way!

Today’s kids are multi-taskers with higher expectations in terms of stimuli, but the trick is not to overwhelm them with toys filled with too much stimuli either. The reality is that our kids’ world consists of YouTube videos, video games, competitive singing and dancing shows, their own sports events, activity-based clubs, and more. Sometimes another electronic toy with all the lights, sounds, interactivity, and digital bells and whistles is just too much.

At Dowling Magnets, maybe this makes us a little old-fashioned, but we believe that a good toy balances stimuli. To us a balanced toy is one that authentically amazes kids in the beginning (captures their attention), and holds it through a rich play experience that involves 2–3 senses—kids see the toy, explore it with their hands, and talk more in-depth about it with their peers and/or with an adult. And lastly, in the process, kids end up learning something too (which usually further piques their interest in the toy and in the topics related to what they learned)!

So, as you shop for the kids in your life this holiday season, look for some toys that engage multiple senses…but don’t go overboard on the stimuli. And if you’ve got a few little science lovers on your list, check out our best-selling, multisensory science gift picks:

wendy ss31Mysterious Magnet Tube – Kids use their hands to manipulate the included cow magnet and move the tube to reposition the steel filings encased inside…as they watch the beautiful, 3-D patterns they create! Try asking kids to draw their observations too!



wave wiresWave Wires Magnet Set – Kids set up this crazy, kinetic activity themselves. Then they give the wires a nudge, watch, and wonder as the magnet wires “bounce” off of each other! Talk to kids about why they think the magnet wires are oscillating the way that they do.






Magic Penny® Magnet Kit – Talk about hands on! Kids arrange 32 real British coins to complete 44 different activities, exploring magnetic forces (science and engineering), geometry (math), and art as they play.


ss75Magnet Mania – Children wave their colorful magnet wands and watch the magic of magnetism unfold before their very eyes as they complete age-appropriate activities they can see, do, and feel!



731200Very First Magnet Kit – Kids conduct hands-on experiments, then observe, and investigate the magic of magnetism with this jam-packed set that’s perfect for ages 4+!

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