Show and Tell…with Big Math Manipulatives for Demonstration

math-blog-smWhen it comes to teaching math, modeling is mission critical to comprehension. And our big math magnets are perfect for quick, clear, colorful demonstrations that your whole class can see, no matter where they sit. So, as you’re planning this year’s lessons, consider including some of the following products in your plans. You’ll be glad you did!

Magnetic Demonstration Number Line, -10 to 120

Bigger, brighter, an732155-mag-demo-number-line_webd easier to see from anywhere in the classroom! Easily demonstrate counting and cardinality, operations and algebraic thinking, and number and operations in base 10 with our demonstration number line. Plus, with numbers from -10 to 120, our number line is aligned with current standards requiring students to master counting up to 120. Larger and more durable than the competition and featuring a bright yellow that really pops against a whiteboard, color-coded numbers, and dry-erase surface, the Magnetic Demonstration Number Line is the clear choice for classroom demonstrations. Watch our video to see for yourself how our number line compares to others on the market! Featuring 31 pieces (number line segments in increments of 5, two customizable blank segments, 0 piece, and arrows), this product is for grades K+ and retails for $16.99.

Magnetic Demonstration 0 to 120 Chart

732165-mag-demo-0-to-120-chart_webQuickly build a hundred chart…then easily add on to teach up to 120! Our large, quadrant pieces go up in a snap, so you can spend your time teaching instead of assembling. Bold and easy to see from all over the room, this chart is the clearest way to demonstrate counting and cardinality, number and operations in the base 10 number system, operations in algebraic thinking, mental math fluency, and more. Includes 50 pieces (dry-erase chart quadrants and strips, 0 piece, 20 number frames in 2 different colors, 20 cover-up squares, and a special t-shaped more/less than piece) for grades K+. Large set retails for $32.99.

Magnetic Demonstration Place Value Sticks

732158_in_use_webMake math demonstrations more fun with these super-sized, magnetic place value pieces, designed to look just like craft sticks! A colorful alternative to demo base ten blocks, these color-coded sticks represent hundreds, tens, and ones, and pieces stick right to your whiteboard, clearly demonstrating important place value concepts. Set includes 45 pieces (5 blue hundreds, 20 green tens, and 20 yellow ones) that are perfect for teaching number and operations in the base 10 number system, operations and algebraic thinking, counting, place value, and data. Designed for students in grades K+. MSRP $12.99.

Magnetic Place Value Disks & Headings

732162_web_-in-useQuickly create colorful place value charts directly on your whiteboard! With color-coded place value disks and coordinating colored headings, this multipurpose set can be used both for demonstration (with the headings) and for hands-on student practice on lap boards (sold separately). Two grade-level sets (Grades 1–3 and Grades 3–6) feature dozens of color-coded disks and headings perfect for practicing number and operations in the base 10 number system, operations in algebraic thinking, place value, and counting. Grades 1–3 set includes 140 disks: 35 each of 4 different place values (thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones), plus 4 headings. Grades 3–6 set includes 140 disks: 20 each of 7 different place values (millions, hundred thousands, ten thousands, thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones), plus 7 headings. Each set retails for $15.99.

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