Learning Success That Sticks… Exceptional Tools for Exceptional Learners!

Portrait of beautiful happy girl giving thumbs up.

Portrait of beautiful happy girl giving thumbs up.

Teaching children with special needs is an exceptional experience, and magnets can make learning even more rewarding for everyone! Check out the magnetic learning tools listed below and consider including them in your curricula for students with special needs:

Magnetic Sweets™ Sort & Play Set

Learning has never been so sweet! Bakers match and sort thick, chunky pieces by shape and color, practicing visual discrimination skills and basic attribute vocabulary. Large, magnetic pieces are easier to manipulate and encourage fine motor development, too. Icing magnets stick to the sweets (donuts, cookies, and cupcakes), and the sweets stick to the pans and plates…so nothing slides off! This frustration-free set is perfect for practicing daily routines through dramatic role play as well. Set features 50 pieces including 10 cookies, 6 cupcakes, 6 donuts, 22 coordinating icing pieces, 4 double-sided plates, double-sided cupcake pan/cookie sheet, and a plastic spatula. MSRP $19.99.


Giant Magnetic Calendar Set

Review daily routines, seasons, weather, and holidays; practice life skills and organization, and master calendar vocabulary with this colorful daily calendar that attracts directly to the whiteboard! Leave it up all year long—with bright colors, a contemporary design, and large readable pieces, this calendar is a welcome addition to your classroom decor. Includes a calendar grid (dry-erase), dates, days, months, years, holidays, birthdays, seasons, weather word, weather pictures, and temperature magnets. MSRP $24.99


Emoji Big Button Magnets

Fun meets function! Each emoji face magnet in this set of six holds up to 10 pieces of paper, enabling teachers to quickly and easily organize handouts and display student work. Set includes laughing, proud, happy, silly, surprised, and uh oh!… to help you build a positive environment in your classroom. Emojis are also a great way to practice reading social cues by learning to recognize different emotions/facial expressions. Each magnet is chunky (does not fit in a choke tube) and safe. Magnets are completely encased in plastic! MSRP $5.99

emoji faces to print

Wonderboard® Make a Face Magnet Set

Whether a child is working to identify expressions and read social cues or to communicate his/her own emotions, these facial feature magnets enable exceptional learners to create hundreds of combinations–comical to serious–while also developing fine motor skills and basic vocabulary. Set includes 47 magnet pieces including noses, eyes, ears and more. MSRP $14.99.


Wonderboard® Make a Healthy Lunch Magnet Set

Hungry? Flexible magnetic set helps exceptional children practice daily routines and life skills, role play eating and purchasing lunch in the school cafeteria (Magnetic Coins and Bills, sold separately, make the perfect addition!), and learn healthy nutrition. Manipulating the colorful pieces develops fine motor skills and provides children with an opportunity to develop basic food vocabulary as well. Set includes 41 food magnets (even a little dessert in moderation) and a 9″ x 12″ double-sided magnetic playboard. Pair with Magnetic Sweets™ Sort & Play Set sold separately, for even more learning fun. (Healthy foods will stick magnetically to the Magnetic Sweets plates and pan!) MSRP $14.99.


Wonderboard® Get Dressed Magnet Set

Support children in learning to dress themselves (an essential life skill) as they mix and match dress-up magnets. They can even add in some fashionable accessory magnets for more fun and role-play opportunities. Children will build basic vocabulary and fine motor skills as they play, too. Set includes 31 magnets (doll plus an assortment of outfits and accessories) and a double-sided magnetic playboard (9” x 12”). MSRP $14.99.


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