Magic Penny Celebrates 20th Anniversary

736100 AssemblyThe Magic Penny Magnet Kit comes with a 64-page book packed with fun experiments – but Magic Penny fans have taken these activities to the next level!

At scientific festivals and events held around the world, some very creative people have brought art and science together with remarkable metallic sculptures created from coins and magnets.


Have you heard of the Maria Victoria Rose of Patagonia? What about the Hexagon Magic Carpet, or the Balancing Pujol Diamond? These are just some of the creations that have been devised over the years, and are now featured in the Investigating Magnetism book, included with The Magic Penny Magnet Kit.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of balancing and spinning coins in a magnetic field, you’ll be ready to try to these more complicated pieces, using a wide range of coins from all over the world.

Better yet, use your imagination and create your own unique Magic Penny sculpture. And don’t forget to take a photo and send it to us. We might even use it in our next edition of the Kit.

Want to learn more about Magic Penny fans in the scientific community? Check out You’ll find information about past events and photos of some truly extraordinary Magic Penny creations.

You’ll also find information about the “Tower of Paso,” the current world-record holder for most coins balanced with the Magic Penny. A girl in Argentina was able to stack 494 coins on a single column of 10 coins.

Can you beat that?

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