Growing Lifelong Learners… And Guarding Lives, Too?

Teacher, mentor, social worker, nutritionist, nurse, counselor, negotiator, coach… your list of responsibilities is nearly endless! And lately it seems that safe guarding your students from a variety of external dangers is your job, as well. This is so tough, but it is today’s reality.

With potential solutions coming from all sides of the political spectrum there is hope, but it may be a while until things feel completely safe in the classroom again. Until then, we’ve got your back. These simple, low-tech solutions were designed to lighten your load and help keep your kids safe:

Eagle Eyes® Magnetic Mirror

Simply stick thimirror2s magnetic mirror to the top of your magnetic whiteboard (or use screws to hang it from a non-magnetic surface), and you can see if someone walks by your classroom door…even while your back is turned! The adjustable mirror measures 18”W x 4”H – large enough to give you a clear view of dangers coming your way. Want more info? Watch how it works in the classroom! Hint: you can more easily monitor your students’ behavior and even catch an administrator trying to sneak in, too!

Lockdown Magnets

For some reason, quickly locking a classroom door from the inside can be as difficult as solving a quantum physics theorem. But we’ve got a slockdown magnetuper easy solution: Lockdown Magnets! 1. Lock your door, but leave it ajar. 2. Place this super strong block magnet in the door jam or along the door frame. 3. Close the door, so it’s resting on the magnet (not quite shut). In the event of a lockdown (or drill), simply run to the door, pull the magnet out, and voila…the door is shut and instantly locked!

Hero Magnets™

Not all magnets are created equal, and most aren’t created with children specifically in mind. Enter Hero Magnets! Available in Big Blocks, Big Buttons, Big Rings, Big Push Pins, and even fun Emoji Big Buttons, Hero Magnets were designed for use in environments with children. Large enough to pass a choke tube test, and with magnet components completely encased in plastic (no chance of them falling out and being swallowed), Hero Magnets will help keep your kids safe! Plus, these magnets are strong enough to do their duty…but not so strong that they pinch little fingers. Hero Magnets are here to save the day!

Our job is to make your job easier, whether that’s by helping you organize and decorate your classroom, providing you with tools for STEM instruction, assisting you in keeping your students safe, or supporting you in one of the dozens of other roles you play every day as a teacher. We’re here to help!

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