Perfect Holiday Gift for Curious Pre-K Learners!

PrintWhat do you get when you take the best parts of two Hands On Magnet Kits and bring them together into one super-sized new product?

It’s the Very First Magnet Kit from Dowling Magnets!

As the name implies, this is a kit for children who are just beginning to learn about the world around them. They may have already figured out that objects don’t move on their own – so imagine their reaction when you make a paper clip or a small coin slide across the table without even touching it. They’ll think it’s magic!

You’ll find more than 35 pieces in the Very First Magnet Kit, including magnets of different shapes and strengths, and brightly colored objects like chips and marbles. Children old enough for preschool, Kindergarten or grades 1-3 will find so much to do, even beyond the activities and tricks described in the book that comes with the kit.

At this age, kids learn primarily through doing. There’s nothing like a hands-on activity to stimulate their interest, and inspire questions that you can answer. Plus, kids are even more receptive if the activity replicates play. This is when they begin to coordinate what they see with what they do. The Very First Magnet Kit is great for solitary learning, and also for small groups of children to cooperate and socialize as they try out different activities.

There is an abundance of research that indicates how imaginative play helps children develop self-regulation skills, social skills such as problem solving and communication, and cognitive flexibility and creativity. What is one way to take that first step? With the Very First Magnet Kit.

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