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Put Some Iron in Your Food

Did you know that you actually eat a little bit of metal each day?

For this magnet experiment, you’ll need:

How This Magnet Experiment Works

Pour the cereal and milk (or water) into the bowl. Rub the magnet in slow circles all over the outside of the bowl for a couple of minutes. Place the magnet at the bottom outside of the bowl or glass and pull it slowly up the side until the magnet is just above the level of the cereal and milk. You should notice small black particles inside the bowl that follow the magnet’s movements.

Why This Magnet Experiment Works

Most foods contain the mineral iron in them. Since we need iron in our diets, it is also added as a supplement to many foods including cereal, pasta and bread. As the cereal slowly dissolves into the milk, small particles of iron are released. A strong magnet can pull the iron particles through the milk and cereal over to the side of the bowl.