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Explore the wonders of Magnets! Amaze yourself with the magic of magnetism when you power a light bulb and build your own motor! For young scientists ages 10+. Assembly normally requires parent-participation.


  • Neodymium & Ceramic Magnets
  • Light emitting diode (LED)
  • Plastic plates & tubes
  • Wire
  • Compass
  • Spring
  • Nails, Screws, Nuts, & Bolts
  • Paper Clips
  • Sand Paper
  • Activity Guide

Includes 5 experiments: Earth as a Magnet, Attraction & Repulsion, What Magnets Attract, Temporary Magnetism, Magnetic Strength, How Electricity Flows.

Includes 5 projects:
  • Detect Electrical Flow
  • Simple Generator & Motor Pair
  • Different Kind of Generator
  • Faster Motor
  • Motor with Speed Control
  • Generator that Powers a Light Bulb

All Dowling Magnets Science Discovery Kits are aligned with these Next Generation Science Standards: Motion & stability; forces & interactions | Matter & its interactions | Energy | Plan & carry out investigations | Develop & use models | Ask questions & define problems | Engage in argument from evidence | Construct explanations & design solutions | Analyze & interpret data | Cause & effect | Patterns | Scale, proportion & quantity | Systems & system models.

Ages 10+