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Magnetic Sweets Sort and Play Set

ITEM # 767300

Learning to sort and match by color, number, and shape is oh so sweet!

Little bakers' hands can easily pick up the thick (foam core) sweets (donut, cookie, and cupcake magnets)...or scoop them up with the spatula. Icings stick to the sweets, and sweets stick to the plates and pans, so nothing slides off! Includes 6 donuts, 10 cookies, 6 cupcakes, 22 icing toppers, 4 double-sided plates, double-sided cookie sheet/ cupcake pan, and plastic spatula.

  • Sweets measure about 2" D x .20" T
  • Pan measures 10.5" W x 7" H
  • Ages 3+/Grades PreK+