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Eagle Eyes(R) Magnetic Mirror

ITEM # 735350

Keep your eyes on what your students are doing behind you! Place the magnetic mirror at the top of your whiteboard. When you are writing on your board, simply glance up to check on your students! Adjustable up and down and left to right. Features clear, wide-angle mirror; firm magnetic hold, non-slip base (5.5"), and hanger holes for mounting on non-magnetic surfaces too. Instructions included. Measures 18" W x 4" H with a 5.5"sq base. Extends 3.25" from mounting surface.

What Teachers Get:

o A clear view of the students behind them
o An easy-mount, wide-angle, magnetic mirror (includes holes for hanging from non-magnetic surfaces)
o Great for classroom whiteboards, walls, offices, and other workspaces!
o Mirror measures 18"W x 4"H. Non-slip base measures 5.5" sq. Extends 3.25" from mounting surface.