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Adhesive Magnet Strip (.50Adhesive Magnet Strip (.50

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Adhesive Magnet Strip (.50Adhesive Magnet Strip (.50

Adhesive Magnet Strip (.50" x 10')

ITEM # 735003
MSRP $4.99
  • CONTENTS - 1 Roll measuring 1/2 inch wide x 10 feet long x .07 inch thick.
  • FOR LIGHT TO MEDIUM WEIGHT PROJECTS (examples: posters, borders, light plastic). Select the right magnet for your needs. See the product chart on the main page for magnets that hold heavier objects.
  • CONVENIENT PEEL-AND-STICK - So easy to use! Adhesive is already on one side of the strip.
  • ATTRACTS TO ITSELF TOO - Two pieces of strip magnetically attract to one another, so you can use our strip on non-magnetic surfaces too! Be sure to position both pieces of strip in the SAME DIRECTION.
  • VERSATILE - Great for arts and crafts or office organization--sticks to fabric cube walls! Teachers love our strip for classroom decor (try DIY magnetic borders!) and make magnetic manipulatives!
  • CARE - Store away from high heat and direct sunlight.
  • Not designed for magnetic levitation science projects. For levitation applications, search for "LEV1" or click here.